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Some Helpful Tips for Jewelry Maintenance

Posted by Mariel mendoza on

You can retain both the value and luster of jewelry by proper maintenance. It is quite normal that jewelry starts losing its shine over time and therefore, you need to clean it on a regular basis. Certain components of jewelry also need repair from time to time.

Here are some helpful tips for jewelry maintenance:

  1. Clean your jewelry properly: Clean jewelry is very much important. You must clean your jewelry on a regular basis to keep it sparkling and shining. If you have a beautiful diamond or ruby jewelry or personalized jewelry, you must clean the stones everyday in order to retain the shine and beauty of the stones. The more you expose your jewelry to damaging environmental conditions, the more you need to clean them. Nowadays, you can find plenty of jewelry cleaning products in the market.


helpful tips for jewelry maintenance

  1. Have your jewelry checked: After keeping your jewelry clean, check up of your jewelry is also an important part of accessories maintenance. At least once in a year, you need to check the links, fasteners, prongs and stones of your jewelry to ensure the structure of your jewelry is alright. For example, a few loose prongs can cause some stones of the jewelry to fall out. Therefore, it is necessary to take your jewelry to a jeweler once in a year for assessment of the structure of your jewelry.


  1. Do not expose the jewelry to chemicals: Chemicals can ruin the color and finish of your jewelry. Therefore, when you are doing any household work such as cleaning, you should remove your jewelry. Household cleaning products contain chemicals that can alter the metal in your jewelry.


  1. Maintain the metals in your jewelry: Most expensive jewelries are made of precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum. A different approach is required for polishing and cleaning of each metal.


  • Platinum: Professional polishing is required to maintain the shine of platinum. After a professional polishing, platinum would get back to its original brilliance.
  • Gold: Yellow gold must be polished regularly to retain its glow. It looks like a new jewelry after getting polished. You must get it polished at least once in a year. White gold also loses its brightness over time and therefore it should also be polished once every year.
  • Silver: Silver requires the maximum amount of polishing and cleaning. As it is a soft metal, it scratches easily than other metals. Therefore, it should be polished from time to time.

These tips for jewelry maintenance would surely help you to preserve your jewelries. Do not neglect your jewelry; they require your care and time.


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