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Keeping Your Jewelry Safe and Scratch Free

Posted by Mariel mendoza on

Keeping Your Jewelry Safe and Scratch Free

Jewelry is one of those things that people purchase all the time; whether it’s only a limited few items or many, and whether they are really expensive or only moderately so, everybody has at least some jewelry. It is so valuable that keeping your jewelry safe and scratch free is almost always on your mind. And people buy jewelry because it shows that we are at a certain point in our life, that we are able to afford it, and most of all it just looks real darn good; who doesn’t like a nice gold or white gold ring?!? There is no problem with this at all, where the problem comes in is when your jewelry gets lost, scratched or damaged in some other way; people spend so much time, effort, and money picking out the jewelry, whether it’s a pearl necklace or a diamond ring, just to have them be destroyed and damaged due to improper storage and handling.

keeping your jewelry safe and scratch free tipsWe’re here to tell you just how you can avoid this unpleasantness and keep your jewelry clean, organized, and undamaged. Let’s take a necklace as an example, a white gold necklace with a pearl as the center piece; now that’s something that you definitely don’t want getting damaged because any scratched or nicks won’t only not look good but they will devalue the worth of the necklace too, not good! There are a few easy solutions to storing your necklace safely while being sure that it will be perfectly fine the next time you go to put it on, necklaces twist and get tangled really easily too and you don’t want to be untangling a necklace of miniature gold link chains, even worse if it gets tangled with another different necklace.

The solution here is to hang up the necklaces against a padded backdrop; it’s really easy, just take a coat hanger and screw some screw hooks into the bottom and hang the necklaces up on those about 1 inch apart, and the take the coat hanger and either hang it in a closet where it isn’t touching anything or if you want it against the wall then try and put something like a thin cloth between the wall and the hanger to avoid any scratches cause by touching the wall.

Needless to say if you’re worried about keeping it safe from sticky fingers then the best bet is to put the hanger in a locked closet. If you are that worried about it being stolen then you might have to avoid hanging them up on hangers and put them somewhere locked and safe like a locking jewelry box or even a safe and in this case if you want to avoid your jewelry getting tangled then the best advice would be to always keep it in the original packaging it came with, those are designed to hold that specific piece of jewelry; they’re soft and padded so there won’t be any dents or scratches and you can put it somewhere where you feel it’s safe.

This really goes for precious rings and stylish earrings too; the best place to store them so they won’t get damaged is to keep them in the original packaging when they’re not being worn, the soft padding will keep it in pristine condition! For rings and earrings the best thing to do besides leaving it in the original packaging would be to get a specialized jewelry box with different small compartments for different pieces of jewelry and accessories. I know some people who didn’t want to spend a tone of money on a jewelry box after just buying some pretty expensive jewelry and they had the bright idea of just using the lid of an egg carton and using each little egg compartment to store different rings, earrings, and even necklaces; hey it’s not fancy or good looking but that’s what the jewelry itself is for!


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