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Choosing The Right Necklace Length

Posted by Mariel mendoza on

Choosing The Right Necklace Length

Whether a small and simple diamond hanging from a thin silver chain, or a chunky colorful beaded necklace, no one can deny that necklaces are the accessory of all accessories. A necklace can dress you up, or just add that subtle sparkle to a bare neck. And choosing the right necklace length should be one of things to consider.

choosing the right necklace lengthBelieve it or not, there are a few things to take into consideration when choosing a necklace, and it’s a bit of a mathematical affair to say the least. When deciding on the best length, this often has more to do with your face shape than your actual outfit. Who would’ve thought! To begin with, when choosing a perfect necklace, you must remember that it is an accessory, and it CAN and will frame your face.

So first things first, know your face shape. The easy and popular way to figure that one out, is to draw an outline around your face on the bathroom mirror with some lipstick, or look at a few photos with your hair tied up. Faces will generally be in the heart, oval, round, long or rectangle shape.

In a nutshell, round face shapes should say talk to the hand to the short necklaces and chokers, and lean more toward lengths below the collarbone to give the illusion of more length to the face. Those with long shaped faces however, should avoid long or thin chains, as these will tend to elongate the face even more. Then we have those with heart-shaped faces, if that is you, you can go crazy with chokers and short necklaces as these will help to balance out a smaller chin. Last but not least, we have the oval and rectangular faces, and these lucky face shapes can get away with practically any type and length of necklace that they like!

An old wive’s trick for necklace lengths that always seems to hold up, is the one where you measure the length of your face from your forehead to your chin with a piece of string (or a necklace). You let the top end of the string drop from your forehead down to your chest and this will show you the desired length for your necklace based on your face type.

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