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Commercial Industrial Ozone Generator 3500mg Pro Air Purifier Mold Mildew Odor

Commercial Industrial Ozone Generator 3500mg Pro Air Purifier Mold Mildew Odor

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Very Compact unit very portable High powered Very simple to use- while offering professional strength air purification. Great at removing odors caused from Mold odor, Smoke, Mildew, Air borne viruses, Air pollution, Pet odors, Pollen, Cooking, Water damage, Paint fumes Can be used in: Commercial buildings, Homes, Restaurants, Bars, Automobiles, Hotels, Warehouses, Class Rooms etc This unit is very portable- you no longer need large bulky units to do the job
Commercial/Industrial Grade Ozone Generator
Low maintenance NO filters to clean & portable design Compact and lightweight design means you can use the ozone generator virtually anywhere
Clean up to 3,500 square feet
Eliminates virtually ANY mal-odors from mold, cigarette/cigar smoke, pet odors, paint/cleaning fumes, dust, water damage, smoke damage, cooking odors, and other airborne irritants
2 Hour integrated timer with hold function
Integrated carrying handle
Produces O3 (Ozone) which is a naturally occurring substance &very effective at breaking down odor causing pollutants
Timer allows you to control the length of purification time
3,500 mg/hr Ozone Output
Mold control and removal help to eliminate mildew and fungus growth
60 watts power consumption
Homes & Living Areas
Offices & Stores
Hotel Rooms
High Pollen Environments
Attics & Basements
Laundry Rooms
Medical Offices
Day Care Centers
Stables & Aviaries
Locker Rooms
Restaurants & Bars
Water & Fire Damaged Areas
New Paint & Wallpaper Areas
Hospitals & Nursing Homes
Veterinary Offices
Smoking Areas
Color: Black
Power: 120VAC/60hz
Watt: 60
Time Function: 0-120min
Ozone Output: 3500 mg/hr
Overall Dimension: 9-3/4"(W) x 9"(L) x 6-1/4"(H)
Package Include:
1 x Ozone Generator
1 x Power Cord
1 x Fuse (Pre-Install)
1 x Manual
Do not allow humans or pets to be in the area when the generator is running
The air purification generator is made to be used in an unoccupied spaced with the built-in timer
After cycle of cleaning is complete, please wait 2-3 hours before returning to area