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Digital Electric Air Fryer Oil-Less Griller Roaster Calorie Reducer 10 Quart NEW

Digital Electric Air Fryer Oil-Less Griller Roaster Calorie Reducer 10 Quart NEW

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The Halogen Infrared heater able to cook meat, fish and vegetables in record time and also in a healthy manner. Frozen food, fresh ingredients, single dishes or complete menus, everything is reduced without preheating, defrosting, and especially without the additional addition of oil, fat and gently transformed into delicious meals. The revolutionary device construction and ventilation technology for even distribution of heat while cooking juices remain inside the instrument. Included are to various accessories to the complementary extension. So you can catch fries in 3D Grill cage and slip the chicken or shish kebabs on a spit and clamp horizontally in the device. Selectable rotation allows roasted fries and the best spit dishes and one to achieve uniform cooking stage. A round plate is ready for pizzas, while the grill of all sorts of other food feels a connection.
Latest Generation - New model of electric Air Fryer allows you to enjoy your favorite fried snacks or foods without the added calories from dunking food in oil
Conveniently Sized For Portable, Reliable Cooking - Perfect for students, vacationers, or even smaller sized kitchens. Now, you can put an oven where you want it - at a fraction of the foot print of standard sized ovens. The Turbo Air Fryer can be moved when cooking is completed, optimizing space in small areas. The unit is also simple to operate and clean, designed for convenience for start to finish
Perfect Cooking - For roasting turkey, baking fish, broiling steaks, air-frying chicken, grilling meats, toasting breads, steaming vegetables, and even making desserts, all without preheating or defrosting
310Ìâå¡ Panoramic Window - The stylish, dome-like double-walled processed plastic housing has a 310Ìâå¡ panoramic window above the cooking process can be traced
Powerful Air Frying Technology - The bulb acts as a powerful heat source which in conjunction with a fan, moves hot air around the bowl of the device where the food is located. Any food within the bowl is consequently cooked or fried
Versatile Air Fryer - Transforms food into a low calorie, flavorful experience. Also functions as a grill, steamer, convection oven, air sautÌÄå© and rotisserie, and cooks food up to 60% faster than conventional cooking methods
Ingenious Design - Works by circulating hot air around food, crisping exteriors and locking moisture into interiors. Let calorie free cooking methods cook your food to tasty, flavorful perfection without added cooking oil/fat
Cook Multiple Foods - 2 trays cook multiple foods at the same time
Adjustable Temperature - Temperature and running time can be manually set, with temperatures ranging from 172Ìâå¡F - 446Ìâå¡F and a cooking duration of up to one hour, plenty of time to prepare a wide variety of delicacies
Classic Rotisserie Spit and Spit Forks - Forget about buying rotisserie chicken from your local grocery store, you can now rotisserie cook tender chicken and beef roasts to perfection in your own kitchen
Frying Tumbler - The Tumbler is your go-to accessory when you want stir-fried foods, French-fries, or other foods that need turning while frying
High/Low Rack - Flip this Rack to the High position for even air-flow turbo baking or place it in the Low position for grilling, barbecuing, and frying. The Rack sits easily in the Removable Cooking Pot in either position
Secure - Hold Suction Plates on the bottom of the Base to add non-slip protection
Easy-to-Clean - Easy to clean interior liner is non stick and removable for clean up
Includes Large Accessories Pack - metal round plate, grill, chicken skewers and 3D grill cage
Certification: ETL, UL, CSA Listed
No oil smell, no splatter, no mess
Color: White/Black
Power: 1500 Watt
Voltage: 120v/60hz
Timer: 0-60min
Display: LED
Food/Roller: Yes
Cooking Present: 6
Present Setting: Roast, Fries, Bake, Stir-Fry, Grill and BBQ
Cooking Timer: Yes
Temperature Adjustable: Yes
Temperature Range: 122 to 446 degree
Capacity: 10 Quart
Certification: ETL, UL, CSA Listed
Overall Dimension: 13"(W) x 18"(L) x 13"(H)
Package Contents:
1 x Electric Air Fryer
1 x High/Low Rack
1 x Tong
1 x Baking Cage
1 x Skewer Rack
1 x Chicken Folk
1 x Frying Pan
1 x Manual