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Earth Post 52cc 2HP Gas Hole Digger w/ 12" Auger Bit One Man Dig Fence Tree Soil

Earth Post 52cc 2HP Gas Hole Digger w/ 12" Auger Bit One Man Dig Fence Tree Soil

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This one-person gas powered auger powerhead makes it easy to quickly dig holes for fence posts, signs, landscaping and soil sampling. This gas auger takes the back-breaking work out of outdoor construction and lets you make consistently even post holes in most types of soil.
Power and Durability- Perfect for the homeowner, rancher, farmer, or small construction jobsite
Rotation- Clockwise auger rotation, no reverse gear
Powerful Motor- Powerhead combines a powerful 2-cycle engine with heat treated, precision cut gears in a rugged transmission to make drilling holes a breeze
Shaft Diameter- 3/4" diameter output shaft diameter
Comfortable Handling- Handles are coated with rubberized grip to provide comfortable handling
Fuel Levels- Translucent fuel tank allows you to easily check fuel levels
Easy Operation- More comfort and ease for one-person operation
Little Maintenance- solid steel, heat treated alloy gears provide maximum power with little maintenance
Throttle Control- Easy-to-grip fingertip throttle control
Quick Start- Large manual recoil startup provides reliability and allows for quick starting
Lightweight Construction- allows you to drill with better control from an upright position
Primer Bulb- help delivery fuel from the fuel tank through the fuel lines and into the carburetor
Certification- EPA certified
Color: Black/Red
Engine Type: 2 Cycle, Single Cylinder, Forced Air-cooled, Gasoline Engine
Engine Displacement: 51.7cc
Horsepower: 2 HP
Operation Type: 1 Man
2-Cycle Fuel Mix Ratio: 30:1
Shaft Size: 3/4"
Start Type: Manual Recoil
Ignition System: Electronic Ignition
Rotation: Clockwise
Bit Included: Yes
Max Output 1.25kW
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.1L
Fuel Used: Petrol/ 2 cycle oil mixture ratio 30:1
Sound Level: 105DB
Max Engine Speed (R/M): 7000 rpm
Bit Diameter: 12"
Bit Overall Length: 29"
Certification: EPA certified
Machine Overall Dimension: 12-1/4"(L) x 23"(W) x 15"(H)
Package Include:
V-Type Post Digger
12" Auger Bit