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Heavy Duty Dip Station Power Tower Pull Push Chin Up Bar Home Gym Fitness Core

Heavy Duty Dip Station Power Tower Pull Push Chin Up Bar Home Gym Fitness Core

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combination dip and pull-up stand is the perfect way to hit multiple muscle groups with body weight based workouts. This machine offers one great place to do push ups, pull ups, dips, abdominal raises and any other work outs you can think of. Slip-free handles to complete abdominal and arm-focused workouts without having to add weights. This type of rack is very successful with multiple body types while acting as a perfect way to focus on core and upper body strength with quick and effective routines.
Ideal for light institutional and home use
Vertical knee raise station - Step up and discover the user inner six pack with comfortable vertical knee raise station
Push-up Statioin - Get the most out of push-up workout with these padded, push-up hand grip
Multi-Grip Pull UP station - feature hand grip, wide, narrow, side-to-side and build better, stronger arms with this Multi-Grip Pull-Up Station
Dip station - build triceps, chest and shoulder muscles along with incredible upper-body strength
Reinforced steel frame for holding your weight
Easy to use for multiple different workouts
Built-in push up bars to tone arms and chest
4-station fitness tool for a multitude of upper body strengthening workouts
Suitable for your light commercial or home fitness setting
Develops muscle strength by lifting your own body weight, ideal for beginners or seasoned body-builders
Color: Black
Max. Weight capacity: 285 lbs
Type: 4-station (Knee raise, Push-UP, Multi-Grip & Dip Station)
Elbow Pad Size: 12"(L) x 4-1/2"(W)
Backrest Pad Size: 18"(H) x 9-1/2"(W)
Arm Distance: 26"
Armrest Height: 52"
Dip Station Handle Bar Height: 46-1/2"
Pull Up Bar Height: 79"
Pull UP Bar Inner Width: 15-1/4"
Overall Dimension: 41"(W) x 56"(L) x 79"(H)
Assembly Required: Yes
Package Includes:
1 x Multi-Station Power Tower
1 x Hardware Set
1 x Instruction