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MIG-130 Flux Core Wire Welder Welding Machine Automatic Feed Unit DIY Commercial

MIG-130 Flux Core Wire Welder Welding Machine Automatic Feed Unit DIY Commercial

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Get the functionality of a MIG welder without the hassle of gas. This Flux Core Welder is specifically designed to use self-shielding flux-cored welding wire, eliminating any need for gas and regulators normal MIG welders require. Set-up is easy for gasless flux-cored welding. With a variable speed wire control and thermal overload protection, this flux wire welder is easy to use.
Extremely Versatile - Perfect for the welder who wants to work on auto body, household repairs, or even heavier farm projects requiring extra power
Complete and Ready to Go - This impressive welding package comes complete with everything you need
Easy Setup - Setup is a breeze with this unit and once you're ready to go, the welder is capable of running flux core steel, solid and aluminum wire ̢‰â?۝ a versatility that's hard to beat
Power with Portability - Delivering a powerful maximum output of 120 Amps, this unit is still small enough in size to fit in a portable case that makes transporting to job sites or anywhere else you need to weld so much easier
High-Output Duty Cycle - With 50 - 120 Amperage output at 115V, this welder delivers a 10% duty cycle @ 105 Amps. That's more than enough to offer the power and welding performance you need to make your efforts ultra-productive
Smooth Wire Feeds - The durable feed head that helps to deliver positive wire feed with adjustable tension control. The easily accessible system also makes threading new wire a breeze
115v Input Power - Uses 115V household input power so there are no special power requirements
Thermal Overload Protection - Shuts down the unit and activates the over-temperature light if the airflow is blocked or duty cycle is exceeded
Safety is Built Right In - A self-resetting thermal overload system protects the unit in the toughest applications, while short circuit protection guards against current overload
CE Listed
**Link for Welding Helmet**
Color: Yellow
Rated Input Voltage: 115V/60Hz Single Phase
Operation: No Gas
Duty Cycle: 10% @ 105amp / 35% @ 60amp
Welding Current: 50-120amp
Max Open Voltage: 37V
Wire Capacity: 0.023'' To 0.035'' Steel And Stainless Steel, 0.030'' To 0.035'' Aluminum, 0.030'' Flux-Cored
Package Contents:
MIG 130 Welder
Welding Wire
Welding Mask
Chipping Hammer/ Wire Brush
Torch, Tip
Ground Cord
Free Ground