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New 5 Gallon Air Tire Bead Seater Blaster Tool Seating Inflator Truck ATV 145PSI

New 5 Gallon Air Tire Bead Seater Blaster Tool Seating Inflator Truck ATV 145PSI

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5 gallon air bead seater which is made of solid steel. The on/off valve which is designated for controlling the filling of tank. A air gauge exposed which tells you the air volume accurately. Our item is essential for your tire beading. It is suitable for heavy duty vehicle such as truck, atv, tractor and soon.
Solid Steel Construction
Seating All tire of heavy duty vehicle including ATV, Tractor, Cars, Truck, and more
Operates on standard shop air with a maximum PSI and utilizes a variety of features for easy operation
Air inlet shutoff valve matches the amount of air dispersed to the size of the tire being seated, and a pneumatic gauge makes it easy to check for the correct fill pressure
A specially designed lip keeps the threaded barrel at the perfect angle for air insertion during bead seating, while the quick-release valve spreads the air to deliver a full impact of air discharge into the tire
A carrying handle is built right into the Bead Seater for easy portability
The tank also features a tough powder-coat finish for added durability and rust resistance
Pneumatic gauge make it easy to fill the correct amount of air for the size of tire being seated
On/off valve controlling the filling of tank
Operates on standard shop air
Material: 2.5 MM Carbon Steel
Color: Yellow
Tank Capacity: 5 Gallons
Operating Pressure: 85-116 PSI (0.6-0.8 Mpa)
Maximum Pressure: 145 PSI (1 MPa)
ATV Tire: 40 PSI
Lawn Tractor Tire: 40-50 PSI (2.7-3.4 Bar)
Tractor Tire: 100-120(6.8-8.2 Bar)
Large Tractor Tire: 120 PSI (8.2 Bar)
Car Tire: 50-60 PSI (3.4-4.1 Bar)
Truck Tire: 100-130 PSI (6.8-8.2 Bar)
4 ÌĉÛÓ 4 Tire: 6̢‰â?۝80 PSI (4.1-4 Bar)
Air Compressor Required: Yes
Package Includes:
1 ÌĉÛÓ 5 Gallons Compact Air Bead Seater
1 ÌĉÛÓ Threaded Barrel