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Oxygen Acetylene Welding Cutting Torch Kit Harris Type W/ Goggles Tips Burner HD

Oxygen Acetylene Welding Cutting Torch Kit Harris Type W/ Goggles Tips Burner HD

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Here's a complete oxy-acetylene welding kit to handle a broad range of cutting, welding, and heating applications. Comes with hoses, welding and cutting torches, goggles, tip cleaners and striker packed in a heavy duty molded storage case.
Precision welding, cutting, brazing, soldering, hand facing and more! It'll cut up to 6" and weld or braze up to 1 / 2 " with appropriate tips
High-capacity Oxygen and Acetylene regulators, with a full 2 1/2" diam. for optimal performance
Deluxe single stage regulators with reverse flow check valves, brass torch handle and brass valve body for maximum strength and durability
Precision torch handle with dual check valves, cutting attachment and cutting tip (size No. 0)
UL-listed cutting torch and rosebud heating tip (size No. 6)
3 welding nozzles (size No. 0, No. 2, No. 4), all with a swaged tip and individual spiral mixer
Flint striker tool and goggles with a No. 5 shade
15' welding hose, tip cleaning tools
The whole Kit is constructed of stainless steel and brass for durability
Perfect for an Amateur Metalworker or a Seasoned Professional
All-brass torch handle and check valves
Brass and steel cutting torch attachment
Brass and copper welding/heating tip
*Note Manual is included*

Material: Brass Torch, Poly Carrier
Nozzle size(s): #0 Cutting / #0, #2, #4 Welding
Hose Length: 15-Feet
Cutting Capacity: 1/2"
Welding Capacity: 3/16"
Oxygen Regulator: CGA 540
Acetylene Regulator: CGA 540
Package Contents:
Torch Handle
Oxygen Regulator Acetylene Regulator
Cutting Attachment
Cutting Nozzle
Welding Nozzles
Twin Hose 15' x 1/4" Welding Hose
Tip Cleaner
Spark Lighter
Carrying Case