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Pet Stroller Dog 3 Wheels Stroller Travel Folding Easy Walk Carrier Dark Blue

Pet Stroller Dog 3 Wheels Stroller Travel Folding Easy Walk Carrier Dark Blue

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Have you ever thought about how to take your pet outside when she̢‰â?ã¢s injured and can̢‰â?ã¢t walk on a leash? The pet stroller allows you to push your pet with you when you walk to the park, around the block, and to the mall. It features a zippered mesh screen to protect your pet from insects and provide ventilation. Also provided are cup holders, back wheel brakes, and plenty of room in the toy and snack undercarriage. Don̢‰â?ã¢t leave your pet at home alone. Not only does it improve your pet̢‰â?ã¢s health but also yours as well by involving your pet in your daily morning jog. The Pet Stroller is truly a multi functional product.
Access Point - Three zipper access points to conveniently get your pet in and out
Easy to Maneuver - Easy to Push and Maneuver
Comfortable - Padded foam bottom provide more than adequate comfort
Fully Breathable - Front window and back window are made of mesh that is fully breathable and creates a great viewing
Keep Eye On Your Pet- Top mesh window allows you to keep an eye on your happy pet
Collapsible Top - Top of the carrier collapses back to create a large opening
Padded Handle - Pushing handle is fully covered in padding
Rear Lock - There are locks on the two back wheels to put the stroller in park
Dual Cup Holder Tray - Stroller features include dual cup holders and a center tray for storing doggie snacks or personal belongings like cell phone and keys
Collapsible Cart - The entire cart is fully collapsible which is activated by two latches located on the sides
Compartment - Large protective pet compartment with zipper access points for easy access
Ventilation - Mesh windows allow visibility and ventilation for the pet
Weight Capacity - Stroller able to Holds up to 30lbs
Traveling- Having a Pet stroller makes traveling easier. If you tend to travel a lot, especially in airplanes then you already know that it's hard to make plane changes with a pet. By having a stroller all you have to do it roll it along with you between flights and your pet feels safe and secure
Protection from accidents- If you know that you are going somewhere that is going to have a lot of people, it's nice to know your small pets are safe from being stepped on
Paw Protection- If you live in an area that tends to get alot of snow and the ground freezes, it can be rough on your pet with the salt and ice that covers the ground
Outdoor and/or family Events- If you have a family, especially with little ones, It can Sometimes be hard to keep track of your kids and dogs at the same time,which usually results in you leaving your pet at home. If you had a pet stroller you could easily bring both
Visits to the Vet- When you have an Appointment with your vet, it can be hard to make sure your pet will stay away from other pets. This way your pet is safe and comfortable
Color: Dark Blue
Weight Capacity: 30lbs
Rear Wheel Lock: Yes
Foldable: Yes
Front Screen Removable: Yes
Dog Leashes: Yes
Number of Cup Holder: 2
Bottom Basket Dimension: 12"(L) x 11"(W) x 7"(H)
Carriage Dimension: 21"(L) x 12"(W) x 19-1/2"(H)
Folded Dimension: 35"(L) x 18-1/2"(W) x 12"(H)
Overall Dimension: 33"(L) x 18-1/2"(W) x 39"(H)
Package Contents:
1 x Pet Stroller
1 x Dual Cup Holder Tray