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Professional Money Bill Counter UV / MG / IR Counterfeit Bill Detector CE Listed

Professional Money Bill Counter UV / MG / IR Counterfeit Bill Detector CE Listed

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Money Bill Counter. Money Counting Machine is easy to use and has convenient functions to ensure accuracy. Our bill counter quickly identifies counterfeit bills by using Magnetic Detection systems and Ultra Violet . This money counting machine counts the number of bills only, not the sum of money. This is accurate, fast and convenient. Electronic sensors control precise counting and batching in adjustable increments (10, 50, 100, etc.).
Amazing Money Counting Machine- Count NEW US BILL & Suitable for most currency in the world
Convenience - Touch Pad Control, Remote Display, Retractable Handles
Display - Front, Side & External Display / Display the current counting result
Reliable UV Protection Detects Counterfeit Bills
Fast - able to counts Over 1050 Bills Per Minute / High counting speed
Dectecting - Automatic detecting with UV(Ultraviolet) and MG(Magnetic) while counting
Accurate - Sensor Control Allow Precise Counting
Feed System - Roller friction System
Function- Automatic Start, stop And clearing
Noise level - Low noise with counting
Operating modes: Batching, adding And self-examination / Automatic half-note detection
System Alert - Built-In Ultraviolt (UV) counterfeit dection system alert you on fake bills without a UV mark
Self-Check and error code hint, automatic malfunction diagnosing & information warning
*NOTE* Does not detect bill type or how much the bill is, only quantity of bills
Power Consumption: AC 110v/60hz
Power Consumption: < 70W
Display: Front Color LCD / Side LED Display
Feed System: Roller Friction System
Certification - CE Listed | IEC 60950-1
Counting Speed: >1050 PCS/Min
Size Of Countable Note: 2" X 4.3-3.5" X 7.5" Inches
Size Of Carton: 12.6" X 11.4" X 8.3" Inches, 2 Pcs
Hopper Capacity: >300 PCS
Stacker Capacity: >200 PCS
Overall Dimension:10-1/2"(W) x 12-1/2"(L) x 7-/2"(H)
Package Contents:
1 x Bill Counter Machine
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Power Adapter
1 x External LED Display
1 x Motor Belts
1 x Instruction